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Domestic Abuse

Sue's Story


We provide financial support to help Brits in Spain get back on their feet.

Sue lived in an apartment with her partner near Alicante.

He worked in a resort bar while she did odd jobs around town.

Their income was small but they made ends meet.

But their relationship was increasingly strained.

One day after an argument with her partner she fled the home and went to the local police station. 

She claimed to have been hit and this was not the first time.

The police asked her if she was going to press charges. She declined to do so saying she didn’t want him to go to prison and that the marks on her face were from an accident.

The police went with her back to the apartment where they spoke to the partner and said that they would be monitoring the situation and that if they felt a crime was being committed, they would take action.

That evening they had another argument and he beat her. She ran out with the clothes she was wearing and nothing else.

She did not go to the police but to a cheap hostel, where she knew the family owners.

They put her in touch with a local charity that helped victims of domestic abuse who were able to help her to receive medical treatment and then retrieve her belongings from the apartment whilst he was at work.

The charity advised taking legal action but she just wanted to get on with her life. They contacted the consulate who referred the case for us to consider a grant to pay for hostel accommodation while she found work and a new place to stay.

Together we were able to pool our resources so that Sue was able to relocate to another resort town where she readily found work and start over.

We provided a modest amount for the coach fare, a month´s subsistence and the emergency accommodation – it was a relatively small amount that made the biggest difference. As Sue said: “ it was a life saver”. 

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