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When loved ones and families pass away, it can be the hardest time of our lives. When this happens in another country and there are financial burdens left behind, the toll can be that much greater.


We support those who have lost loved ones and aren't in the situation to fulfill the legal requirements of a next of kin.

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Finding yourself with the need to return to the UK but without the ways or means can be a lonely and hopeless situation.

We help those that need help in repatriation, who don't have the access to funds to pay for things like flights and passports.

We are here to get them home safely and quickly.

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Domestic Abuse

Being stuck in an abusive relationship is a nightmare and the feeling of desperation and hopelessness is everpresent.

We assist those who are suffering from domestic abuse and provide the means to escape their situation and start their new lives in a safe environment.

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Medical Help

Getting medical assistance in a foreign country can be a difficult and complicated task, especially when the pressures of it being urgent or life-saving.

We support those who need urgent and life-saving medical attention and make sure they have the after-care required.

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Covid-19 has dealt the whole world a heavy blow over the past few years and the consistent testing and vaccination requirements can be burdensome and expensive for those that need them most.

We help those who need these essential services.

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How We Help

We provide financial support to help Brits in Spain get back on their feet.

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