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PRESS COVERAGE: Barcelona Metropolitan Magazine has Shines Light on How BBF Can Help

Updated: Apr 23, 2023

Popular Barcelona magazine Barcelona Metropolitan has shone a light on the vital work the British Benevolent Fund does to help Britons in need in Spain.

In an article, the magazine set out the many ways the BBF can help, saying: "The British Benevolent Fund is reaching out to the British expat community to let everyone know that help is available and that though they may feel destitute, they are not alone."

It went on: "Over the years The British Benevolent Fund has helped people suffering from Alzheimer’s, mental health problems, cancer, learning disabilities, stroke and heart attack victims to name but a few. It has also helped many without any health issues but who find themselves isolated and without assistance. The case support team considers each application individually. Financial aid can be dispensed with alacrity thanks to the charity’s structure which allows for expediency and discretion at all times."

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