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PRESS COVERAGE: British Lecturer Attacked by Thugs and Helped by BBF

Updated: Apr 23, 2023

The Mirror newspaper has published the story of how the British Benevolent Fund helped Richard Martin, a British university lecturer working in Spain, after he was attacked in an armed robbery.

The Mirror explained: "Richard Martin had worked all of his adult life - he paid his taxes, studied for three degrees, and became a university lecturer in Spain after moving to Seville 12 years ago.

"But his life changed overnight when he was a victim of an armed robbery and he ultimately lost everything.

"The 53-year-old had to spend the next six weeks sleeping rough on the streets where he thought 'he was going to die' until he was able to fly home to the UK with the help of a charity. But what he didn't expect when he returned to the comfort of Brighton was that he'd still be left homeless and begging."

It added: "He managed to exchange emails from an internet cafe with the British Benevolent Fund - a charity which provides financial help to British citizens in distress - who funded his flight to return to the UK after six weeks of sleeping rough and without a change of clothes."

With the help of the BBF, Richard has finally managed to find temporary accommodation in Britain and is now starting to put his life together again following his brutal assault.

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