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COLUMN: Helping a British multiple sclerosis sufferer in Spain

Updated: May 8, 2023

The British Benevolent Fund was established over a century ago to act as a “charity of last resort” to provide financial assistance for Britons in Spain facing extreme distress and with no other resources to help.

Margaret was a lady in her 50s who applied for a grant to help her get back on her feet.

She had moved to Spain with her husband, but they separated shortly after moving here in the late 90s and she decided to stay here where she lived alone and worked as an administrator for a real estate office close to where she lived.

She made a small but sufficient salary to make ends meet and provide a little bit more for herself.

She was diagnosed with a serious illness which was aggravated by a growing multiple sclerosis problems which made it difficult to move around.

She was officially resident in Spain and would receive treatment for these.

The issue was that she was unable to take early retirement and any medical benefits would not cover her living expenses – she might be able to wait for a mobility scooter to get around including going to work but that would take time.

Through one of the BBF´s many charity partners we were contacted to see if we could help with the expenses of a mobility scooter so she could go to work.

By enabling her to continue working she would be able to earn and not be reliant on handouts and charity.

The BBF was able to pay for the mobility scooter along with the insurance to keep her on the road.

With that she was able to go back to work and continue earning.

The BBF can only help people like Margaret with the generosity of others. If you would like to support our work please donate today.

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