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COLUMN: How Downsizing Your Property Can Become a Trap

Updated: May 8, 2023

Many people seek help in difficult circumstances such as following the death of a loved one.

In mourning for their loss, they often also seek closure so that they can continue with their lives.

Sometimes this involves facing up to the harsh reality of the partners death meaning a drop in income while having ongoing mortgage or rent for a property that is now too big for one.

Which might sound relatively easy but in a recent case of a widower with ongoing health condition and poor mobility who did not have the finances to downsize.

His income from him was no longer adequate for the large property he had lived in when his wife was alive, and he knew that he would have to move out to a smaller & more affordable property or eventually face eviction.

He decided to act but realized that this was not as straight forward as he had thought.

He was physically unable to move large household items, nor did he have the resources for the upfront deposit and rental of new property while he was still paying the old one and the added uncertainty of not knowing if the old landlord would be difficult in repaying his original deposit.

He contacted the British Benevolent Fund would be able to help.

To us it was a clear yes. A man in emotionally difficult circumstances who was trying to move on and was making the decisions to do so but didn't have the resources.

He needed a helping hand.

Working with a local partner – one of many that can be found at the British Embassy supported resource – we were able to help him pack a lifetime of shared memories and pay the removals firm to his new apartment where he lives to this day.

We receive hundreds of requests from people who find that a relatively small amount can go a long way. We can only do so with your support. If you would like to make a donation please do today.

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