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COLUMN: Helping a British Single Mother in Spain

Updated: May 13, 2023

As a charity of last resort, the BBF has helped countless thousands of Britons over the years overcome the worst of life's challenges.

We try wherever possible to find solutions to problems, a hand up not a handout but sometimes a difficult situation can turn into a blessing with a bit of focus and of course – luck.

Sarah is a single mother of two teenage children.

She worked full-time work with a modest income which paid the bills and supported her family.

She was officially a resident, and the children were born in Spain.

The father had not contributed to any payments, and sometimes it was a struggle to get to the end of the month. She had no savings.

Shortly before Easter, she was referred to us by one of our partner charities at

She had gotten in touch with them because her employer had run into difficulties, and she had not been paid that month and there was a possibility of the company going under.

She had applied for state benefits and would be entitled to some help for unemployment, but it would take a while to come through.

She needed immediate help with basic food and household items for the children which the BBF was able to provide – in fact, it took two months for the state support to arrive, but we were able to agree on a grant to cover her that took a big worry away while she looked for other work.

She was able to find a new job which was better paid and with better conditions and she was even able to retrieve her back pay owed to her.

The BBF is only able to help people like Sarah with your help. If you would like to support our work with a donation, please visit

Thank you on behalf of all.

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