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PRESS COVERAGE: The Sun Newspaper Shines Light on BBF

Updated: Apr 23, 2023

The Sun Newspaper has shone a spotlight on the British Benevolent Fund's vital work helping Britons in need in one of Spain's most popular expat areas, Benidorm.

The newspaper writes: "FOUR destitute Brit families a week are now fleeing Benidorm after the Covid pandemic turned their holiday haven into a ghost town.

They are now receiving help from the British Benevolent Fund and the British consulates in Spain to help fund the expensive coronavirus tests they need to leave the country."

It went on: "Olaf Clayton, chairman of Spain’s British Benevolent Fund, explained that coronavirus has been the main reason why caseload’s have increased, especially when it comes to Brits living on the Costas.

"It has meant that he and others have had to help 50 British people in the last year - with repatriation cases making up 20 per-cent of claims." The BBF's chairman told The Sun: "Some of the people we assist haven’t been paying into the system and have discovered to their horror that they weren’t entitled to any help.

“We all thought the coronavirus crisis was going to be over a lot quicker, but people now are suffering because the businesses they thought were going to be up and running again by now are still on their knees.

“It’s heartbreaking to see people who are struggling to provide their kids with their basic necessities and have no other choice but to start from scratch again in the UK.

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